What does a urology doctor do & mens health

What does a urology doctor do & mens health

A urology doctor is a broad specialist who treats the diseases of the urinary system and a reproductive function. Despite a common opinion, a urology doctor treats not only men but also women. However, women go to this specialist in certain cases, i.e. during diseases of kidneys and urinary tract.

What does a urology doctor do & mens health

The main activity of a urology doctor is to restore the health of a man. Diagnostics and treatment of the following diseases are the duty of urologist:

Also, tasks of the urologist include the treatment of the sexual dysfunctions of a man:

  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Absence of ejaculation;
  • Poor sexual drive;
  • Infertility;
  • Testicle pathology including varicocele.

A good male health cannot be imagines without a regular visit of a urology doctor. The matter is that many above-mentioned diseases are latent and aggravate at the advanced stage. It comes down to both inflammatory diseases, and sexual disorders. A regular diagnostics of urologist helps to estimate a state of the male health in time and have therapeutic procedures during the development of the abnormalities.

An urologist is a doctor with wide profile because he/she treats diseases of the various sites and origin. Moreover, the doctor has to have knowledge in the field of diagnostics and provide ultrasound scan, diagnostic procedures, have the skills to take the laboratory tests.

The urologist can prescribe an examination of other parts of the body to detect a cause of a pathology in the urinary system. Due to this, the urologist should know pediatrics, gynecology, andrology, and nephrology.

Urologists pay a special attention to andrology. This field in the urology takes into account the male health issues only: sexual pathologies, diseases of the reproductive function and hormonal disorders.

Any symptoms related to the dysfunctions of the sexual or reproductive function must be solved with a urology doctor. However, according to the statistics, just one third of men regularly visit urologists.

Men’s health is one of the most important factors for any man. Confidence, psychological health and a behavior of a man depend on the quality of the sexual health. A visit of a urologist is associated to some concerns and anxiety. If a man loses his sexual health, it means that he would lose the confidence. So, most diseases are not diagnosed at early stage.

On the one hand, men protect themselves against the psychological discomfort, and on the other, they just worsen a state of the male health.

Visiting an urologist is frightful and also useful. A regular diagnostics of the sexual function will help to avoid the impotence and keep a hard erection at old age. A prostatic gland care will help to avoid an acute prostatitis and a need of a surgery. All in all, visiting a urology doctor once a year lowers a risk of prostate cancer in men at the age of over 45 by 18%.

It should be noted that an experienced urologist will not eliminate a stage of the oncology during the medical examination and making diagnosis. Therefore, the treatment of the pathologies and additional prophylaxis of the cancerous diseases should be prescribed.

Men’s health depends on a man, at first. A man should not bear the symptoms of prostatitis and the ED even during the natural ageing of the body. Today the modern urology practice has enough experience and knowledge in order to detect a threat to the male health and remove it before the development of the complications.

By Padraic D. McCahill, M.D.On: January 20, 2019 at 12:07:18