Our team of Urologists

1. Padraic D. McCahill, M.D.

Our team of UrologistsBiography
Dr. McCahill served in the United States Army as a staff urologist in Frankfurt, Germany and Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Aurora, CO. He has practiced in the Brockton area since 1994, and is currently the Chief of Urology at both Brockton Hospital and Good Samaritan Medical Center. Dr. McCahill has served as President of the Medical Staff at Good Samaritan Medical Center. He and his wife Sarah have two children.

Hospital Affiliations
Brockton Hospital, Good Samaritan Medical Center

Experience & Accolades

Dr. Padraic D McCahill, MD has not yet specified details about his experience and accolades.


2. Dr. Eric Brewer

Our team of Urologists

Dr. Eric brewer is a well-known urologist in the United States in Alabama and is an excellent specialist in urology. He wrote a lot of work on erectile dysfunction and its treatment. The peculiarity of his work is in the field of surgery, because it is for this specific and he worked (surgery in the pelvic area). He graduated from medical school in Alabama and the University of Alabama and already in 2004 received his doctorate in medicine. Also, many works were written by him and used in medical literature on the topic of urolithiasis diseases that affect male potency. Also, Dr. Eric brewer in 2011 at the medical center received the award and the award as the best specialist in his field, although this title claimed about 2 thousand doctors. Urology is an important stage in my life and I have devoted my whole life to the treatment of men’s health. After all, the most important thing in life is happy and healthy people who have the opportunity of offspring. Dr. Eric brewer is engaged in the study of the cause and treatment of erectile dysfunction by any means: physical therapy, psychological treatment and treatment of ed drugs. The most common treatment is Cialis, as the easiest way to get Cialis online at THP, because now a lot of pharmacies online. But before any use of the drug is necessary.

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3. Dr. Jared M. Cox

Our team of UrologistsDr. Jared M. Cox is a urologist who specializes in urinary tract disorders (urinary tract stones, urogenital problems and urinary tract cancer). Dr. Jared was born in Louisiana and graduated from medical school and University in Louisiana as a microbiologist. After graduating from school with honors, he began to study urology and problems with erectile dysfunction. Dr. Jared was most interested in surgery. He is a member of the American urological Association, the Southeast section of the American urological Association, and the American medical Association. This doctor is unique in that his interest and treatment methods are not standards. He has always sought treatment with new technologies and new methods, because it is the development that gives impetus to science and medicine. His surgical training was heavily weighted towards new and minimally invasive techniques.

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Our team of Urologists