Treatment of erectile dysfunction by German doctors of clinic Paracelsus

In December 2018, a meeting of professors and doctors of our THP clinic was held at the head of Dr. Eric Brewer and clinic which is located in Germany Paracelsus. We received a call from Bad Gandersheim and Joachim Hisgen about the offer of joint cooperation between our clinics in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As is known in Munich is one of the best clinics Paracelsus for the treatment of urology and such problems as: erectile dysfunction prostate problems premature ejaculation and urination And after consulting with the doctor Gerhard Rothenaicher clinic Paracelsus we decided to focus on the joint treatment of patients withRead More →

Cialis vs Natural treatment what choose?

If you have taken interest in a possibility to treat the erectile dysfunction, you have probably heard about different methods. Most of doctors state that the most advanced and effective method of the sexual disorder treatment is a pharmaceutical one. Many men and experts in the traditional medicine tend to another pinion and prefer natural methods of the treatment. Keeping a sexual health depends on genetics of a man and his lifestyle. And therefore there is no one prescription for all men that would work effectively. It is considered that medicines that are taken during the sexual disorders act faster and more effectively. PDE5 pillsRead More →

What does a urology doctor do & mens health

A urology doctor is a broad specialist who treats the diseases of the urinary system and a reproductive function. Despite a common opinion, a urology doctor treats not only men but also women. However, women go to this specialist in certain cases, i.e. during diseases of kidneys and urinary tract. The main activity of a urology doctor is to restore the health of a man. Diagnostics and treatment of the following diseases are the duty of urologist: Cystitis; Kidney stone disease; Prostatitis; Benign prostatic hyperplasia; Urinary incontinence and other urinary disorders; Phimosis; Pyelonephritis; Infectious inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract organs and genitals. Erectile DysfunctionRead More →

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) causes & treatment

A prostatic gland is a male glandular organ located in the lower part of the small pelvis under the bladder, on the urogenital diaphragm. This small organ looks like a chestnut. The big part of the prostate is placed behind the urinary tract. The prostatic gland does two essential functions: Synthesis of the prostate secretion (one of the important ingredients of sperm); Valve function (it blocks the out from the bladder during the erection). A nutrition of the prostatic gland happens by means of many small arteries that adhere to the system of the iliac arteries. As the nutrition happens from the big blood vesselsRead More →

Erectile dysfunction exercises at home

If the treatment of the erectile dysfunction is restricted by the use of the pills, do not wait for the effect. All medications for the treatment of the impotence give a temporal effect, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to take them regularly. A physical activity is one of the most effective tools for the ED treatment and will help to improve the erection and the entire work of the body. To have a hard erection, it is necessary to follow two conditions: Agoodbloodcirculation. Ahightestosteronelevel. In order to keep your body up, it is not obligatory to go to the fitnessRead More →

Age and impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Age is not a sign of the sexual health. There are many men who have an active sexual life at the age of 60 and even 70 and are able to conceive a child. And there are men at the age of 30 who have to take Cialis every day in order to have sex. However, the aggravation of the chronic diseases happens with aging in many men and this worsens the sexual life. This refers to the cardiovascular diseases met in every second man. Arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, high level of cholesterol and many other diseases occur at the age over 40. This isRead More →

7 Easy Ways to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the worst nightmares for men. No matter if it is beginning to your sex life or you are living it with glory. Erectile dysfunction is something that can hunt your any time due to many other reasons in general. All you need is to ensure that you are going to have the best precautions against them. It is not necessary that you have to suffer the erectile dysfunction in your life. In fact, along with the problems, there are a number remedies and precautions available for you to avoid the ultimate dysfunction. All you need is to evaluate the bestRead More →

Can stress and anxiety cause erectile dysfunction?

Whenever you try to find out more about erectile dysfunction, stress and anxiety are the connected topics comes to your way. In finding the major reasons and instigating factors of the erectile dysfunction these two factors are at the top of the list and gives you a real tough time. Most of the time it is questioned whether stress levels or anxiety disorder can harm the erectile function in the male body or not. Here it is very much important for you to understand the connection between erectile dysfunction and stress. It is a fact that your ultimate anxiety can affect your sexual health andRead More →

Clinical diagnostics of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a permanent or recurring incapacity to perform sexual intercourse and difficulties to have ejaculation. Forms of erectile dysfunction There are several types of erectile dysfunction: Psychogenic; Endocrine;   Psychogenic factors account for about 30% of all cases of erectile dysfunction. Vascular forms are about 70% of cases of erectile dysfunction. Approximately 1/3 of the vascular cases of erectile dysfunction are associated with abnormal arterial function. 1/3 ED cases are associated with venous disturbances and 1/3 ED is associated with mixed arterial-venous forms. For diagnosis of the type of erectile dysfunction, dopplerometry of the penis vessels, ultrasound of the prostate and scrotum, biochemicalRead More →

Forget about ED using Viagra

Erectile dysfunction is diagnose, which each man experiences sooner or later. Non-ability to have erection strong enough for the successful sexual intercourse and difficulties with maintaining it are the most common problems among the representatives of the strong sex due too many factors having the negative influence on men’s health. How to deal with erection problems, which are able to spoil your personal life? There is a way out in the form of ED pills from the US company Pfizer. Viagra has already helped millions of men and proven to be an effective medicine for getting rid of erectile dysfunction symptoms. What should a modernRead More →