Age and impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Age and impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Age and impotence (erectile dysfunction)Age is not a sign of the sexual health. There are many men who have an active sexual life at the age of 60 and even 70 and are able to conceive a child. And there are men at the age of 30 who have to take Cialis every day in order to have sex.

However, the aggravation of the chronic diseases happens with aging in many men and this worsens the sexual life. This refers to the cardiovascular diseases met in every second man.

Arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, high level of cholesterol and many other diseases occur at the age over 40. This is the age when the body enters the phase of the natural aging, and therefore many men start feeling the first signs of the erectile dysfunction at the age of over 40.

The worsening of the blood circulation in the penis happens, the blood vessels become less elastic, and the body does not react to the sexual excitement well due to the cardiovascular disorders.

The age does not influence on the impotence but the concomitant diseases that often accompany men at the age of over 40 provide a negative influence on the sexual health.

Also, take into account such term as a male climax. The scientists have proved that the interest to the sexual activity drops during the male climax. Due to this, all sexual rates are reduced: erection becomes worse, a tolerance during sex drops, and the motion of spermatozoa is low.

The male climax is a process of the natural aging of the male body accompanied by the intensive decrease of the testosterone level. As you know, the higher the testosterone level is, the more intensive desire a man has and the easier he has sex.

An ability to have sex depending on the age of a man:

  • Under 25: 4-5 sexual intercourses a week.
  • From 25 to 35: 3-4 sexual intercourses a week.
  • From 35 to 55: 2-3 sexual intercourses per week.
  • From 55 to 60: 1-2 sexual intercourses a week.
  • Over 60: one sexual intercourse a week.

A man has a low interest to women during the reduction of the testosterone level, the biological needs to conceive disappear, and he easily refuses from sex.

It influences on the erection, and so men with low testosterone level will always have the erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.


What to do?

Age and impotence (erectile dysfunction)

As we have said, there are many men who are very active at old age and many young men under 30 may even envy them.

  • First, these men keep a high level of testosterone.
  • Secondly, most of them have a healthy heart.

But if you feel that your erection became weaker with aging and wanted to keep the sexual longevity, we will give you some recommendations:

  • Give up bad habits. The influence of alcohol and nicotine is low on the erection but the cardiovascular system suffers from it.
  • Increase the physical activity. Select walking and cycling. Use a car or public transport seldom, if it is possible.
  • Nutrition is very important and you should think what you eat. It is time to eat products that improve the potency.
  • Take Cialis. It may sound weird but it is impossible to cure of the impotence. But taking Cialis you will have an active sexual life. It is very important. The matter is that you stimulate the work of the heart, improve the blood vessels and get rid of the blood congestion in the small pelvic during regular sexual intercourses. Your penis is meant to have a good blood circulation, remember about this.

Every man over 40 should have a medical examination of andrologist once a year and take hormone tests. If the testosterone level is low, various testosterone boosters may be used to keep it on high level and keep the sexual desire.

The erectile dysfunction at the age of over 40 is normal according to many experts opinion. But we do not think so. The impotence does not appear all of a sudden. It means that something goes wrong in the male body, and if it is neglected, more serious consequences may happen.

A man should have a hard erection even at 60. It causes confidence. So, take a first step towards the healthy potency, and you will say thanks in 10-15 years.

By Padraic D. McCahill, M.D.On: December 11, 2018 at 16:17:33